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iMentor Pair Profile
9 March 2011

 Eric (mentor) and Mesbah (mentee) are just one of the 1,800 amazing mentor-mentee pairs participating in iMentor this year.  Eric is a lawyer with Credit Suisse.  This year, Eric is serving as a mentor to Mesbah, a senior attending high school in Brooklyn. 

Mesbah is a bright, driven young man who immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh three and a half years ago.   He looks forward to attending college next year and plans to study economics or political science. 

Mesbah dreams of becoming a lawyer.  As a successful legal professional, Eric has offered Mesbah valuable advice about preparing for a career in the field.  Eric also provided support as Mesbah researched and applied to schools in the fall.  This support is especially valuable, because Mesbah will be the first person in his family to attend college.

Eric is extremely busy.  In addition to his successful career, he is family man and deeply involved in community activities.  iMentor’s flexible program model has enabled Eric to make a difference, regardless of his busy schedule.  The weekly emails are great, because they allow us to engage regularly,” explains Eric.  He adds “I also like the face-to-face meetings.  I enjoy visiting the mentees’ schools and learning about the diverse communities they come from.” 

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